Permasalahan Anak Usia Sekolah Dasar pada Sekolah Dasar Negeri di Kabupaten Lampung Tengah

Ratna Widiastuti
Dosen Universitas Lampung


The research aim was to map the problems  of the elementary school. The research problem was the teacher’s difficulties to give the guidance and counseling’s servies for prevention function. The research design was a decription with survey research and the data collection was using questionnaire. The sample research were 100  teachers from first grude until sixth grade at Lampung Tengah  elementory school . Based on analysid data, it was conclude that (1) Therre were some problems faced by at first grade until sixth grade of elementary school’s students, (2)Hiere were  some problems faced by the lower class students that were not faced by higher class, (3)There were some problems faced by the higher class that were not faced by the lower class. Baced on the research  conclution, the researcher adviced that[ (1) The teacher should give a tight superviser at the test and do the acfivity as the indicatur for student at study, and the teacher should develop the student.s empathy and give the model to give empathy ; (2) the parent  should make on acessment  for the children the respect their friends and give the  model for plating  the ethiquestte  at social association by giving the model. (3) Headmaster school with teacher make  school’s  rules  that  was  oriented  to  prevent  the  the  problems at school such  as cheating , damage yhe school grads, and diligent to study also apply the saiention.

 Key word: Guidance and problems student elememtary school.

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